Friday, July 8, 2011

9th July Todd Parr (1962)

Todd Parr's books appear deceptively simple. Parents often tell their children when they come to borrow with their child, 'put that back, it's too easy', but usually the child wins and the book goes home with them. Children like the brightly coloured artwork and the fact that they can read them themselves. What the parents need to realise is that Todd's books deal with big issues and ideas. They need to be discussed. They elicit questions and answers and should be their to start meaningful dialogue between adult and child.

Todd Parr has an extensive website and his books feature on television so he has a high profile, but nevertheless his books stand on their own and are well worth reading. I have bought several copies of his book Reading Makes You Feel Good and turned them into one long continuous frieze for my library. I also especially like The Peace Book; The Earth Book; and It's Okay to be Different.

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