Friday, October 28, 2011

30th October Grandparents Day

Grandparents have always played a valuable role in our society by offering care, love and guidance to their children and grandchildren.

On Sunday 30 October 2011, the NSW Government will officially recognise this contribution with the inaugural Grandparents Day. Join us in celebrating the important role grandparents play in our community.

At school we have Grandparents Day in September and the students invite their grandparents to school for a concert and to look in their classrooms. And while they are there many grandparents donate a book to the library in their grandchild's name, so I too am very grateful to grandparents.

There's a myriad of books out there about how special grandparents are, that it is hard to decide what to highlight. Perhaps I should only recommend Australian ones!

Three newer ones by Rosemary Mastnak make being a grandchild seem like fun:
* Dancing with Grandma
* Cooking with Grandma
* Adventures with Grandpa
Two for very young children by Anna Walker
* I Love My Grandpa
* I Love my Grandma
Two by Margaret Wild
* Our Granny illustrated by Julie Vivas
* Piglet and Granny illustrated by Ron Brooks
A Bob Graham
* Grandad's Magic
A Gretel Killeen
* What'll We Get For Grandma? and
* Over the Hill and Around the Bend with Granny and Bert (and Me) by Helen Lunn

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