Sunday, October 9, 2011

9th October Johanna Hurwitz (1937)

Johanna Hurwitz is an American author of novels suitable for fluent readers who do not want a very long book, that is most of my good Year 1 and 2 readers. I bought Mostly Monty and it was a success so I sent for the two sequels. One of them arrived today! I went onto the web to find out more about Johanna Hurwitz and found that today was her birthday. What a coincidence. Monty (aka Montgomery Gerald Morris) is a six year old asthmatic who has trouble with friends and other school concerns like many Year 1 students, but he has a talent for reading so he is perfect for my good readers in Year 1! He is also good for children who struggle with being different because of illness. So look for all three books about Monty and now I need to explore some of her other series.

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