Wednesday, October 10, 2012

12th October Christopher Columbus

While Columbus Day it is not a holiday in Australia and we do not celebrate the anniversary of his arrival in the Americas on 12th October, 1492, given that I have spent so much time with picture book biographies lately, I thought I would look at two books that are in my library about Columbus.

They are both well worth reading.
The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus 1492 by Barry Smith, is the easier of the two so it is suitable for a younger audience. It tells the story from the point of view of a sailor who goes on the journey with Columbus. This is not the journey where Columbus reaches the Americas, but it gives the reader a feel for the time and the uncertainty of  exploration. It also has a large fold out map at the back to chart the journey.

Follow the Dream the Story of Christopher Columbus by Peter Sis does not have a lot of text but the illustrations probably appeal more to older children and adults. It too, examines the uncertainty of exploration, the beliefs that there was more to the world and the adventurous nature of Columbus.

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