Thursday, October 25, 2012

26th October World Teachers' Day

World Teachers' Day! Anyone who signs up to teach now must really want to do it because it is getting harder by the day. Everyone wants to tell you how to do your job, parents, people in the street, politicians. I want to be treated professionally and trusted to do my job well. I don't tell my dentist or doctor how to do their job. So why do so many people question what teachers do and whether they are qualified to do it. Thank heavens for the children because they really make my day. Today one of my cherubs told me I wasn't old, just mature! Bless him. Another told me he would like to recommend the book he was reading to Roald Dahl because he was sure it would make him laugh! Today I also taught a class of preschoolers all of whom start school next year and they are super keen to be there. We talked about their expectations of school and read Pog by Lynn Lee where a monster starting school is scared of children. They thought that was very funny.

We have four student teachers at school at the moment and they are enthusiastic, energetic and very committed to their future vocation which is wonderful. So as I write and think that often I am cynical and jaded, I remember why I chose to be a teacher and then a teacher librarian, and I smile at all the good experiences I have had, all the wonderful children I have taught and all the gifted teachers I have had the pleasure to work with and teach. I got out Mr Ouchy's First Day and Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and had a read to myself and revelled in why I teach.


  1. Another favourite of mine is Leaving Mrs Ellis by Catherine Robinson. Especially good at the end of the school year.

  2. Yes I like it too. I read Teaching the Teacher in assembly.