Sunday, August 11, 2013

11th August Play in the Sand Day

I am sure Play in the Sand Day is in August to cater for the northern hemisphere where it is summer, but given that the temperature was 24 degrees here in Sydney today there were plenty of people at the beach playing in the sand. The winter weather here has been glorious. The children I teach are lucky enough to live near the beach, but the large sandpit at school is well used, and some of it turns up each day on the carpet in the library courtesy of their shoes. Use this day to explore the possibilities of sand building-wise, find out how sand happens to be, go to the beach to play or read about all three.

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  1. Another excellent theme. Greetings from Sandy Beach is an old favourite of mine. It is brilliant to read aloud. I must include this mini theme idea for my program with Kindergarten. Wish I was brave enough to make sand castles in the library.