Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20th August Judy Schachner (1951)

Today the copy of Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice that I had ordered arrived and I thought Judy Schachner's birthday is one we haven't celebrated at school, I wonder when it is. On searching I found out it is today! What a coincidence. Skippyjon Jones is newly discovered by the children quite regularly and he was again recently. We didn't have Lost in Spice  and it fits in well with my Book Week display of aliens, reading and space to accompany the Book Week theme Read Across the Universe, so I ordered it. I got the one with a CD because I am not good at the Spanish accent and the kids love it on CD. Judy Schachner is so clever being able to combine writing and illustrating and at the same time as extending readers' horizons. She even does the reading for the CD. The wordplay is an added bonus in her stories too. We will be celebrating tomorrow and I will look out for other titles of Judy's. We have none of her non-Skippyjon Jones titles.

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