Sunday, August 11, 2013

5th - 11th August Biography Week

It is Biography Week at the State Library of NSW. I think this is a week that should be celebrated more widely, especially as there is now so many wonderful picture book biographies for young children. My Year 2 Book Club are having a wonderful term reading one a week and coming to literature circles with lots to discuss. They are ideal for discussions that make connections between self and text and the world and text and then when a whole term of reading is nearing the end text to text connections too.

The library now has an enviable resource of bigraphies. See here for those that the school has.
As Random House says:

There is no better way to connect young people with history than by reading the life stories of intriguing people.
A well-written biography has the same elements as any great story: characters
that face challenges and difficulties, situations that excite and inspire, and
narratives that urge the reader to keep turning the pages until the story’s conclusion.
What young person doesn’t love being armed with an arsenal of fun facts
about artists, sports figures, famous folks, and ordinary people?

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  1. I would love to sit for days or weeks and read all those amazing biography books you have collected. We used the one about Jacques Cousteau when we read Herman and Rosie from the CBCA short list. I think I will use more of your collection as a shopping list. There is a good match here for our Year Three topic on people and their beliefs.