Tuesday, March 10, 2015

10th March Sleeping Fairytales

Continuing on with the topic of beds and sleep... Today I had a very interesting conversation with a Year 1 student about fairy tales which feature 'sleep'. This started because she picked up Snoring Beauty  from the display we put together for the preschoolers yesterday. Realising it was connected to Sleeping Beauty she asked about borrowing a copy of the traditional tale. While we were in the 398.2s she said 'oh The Princess and the Pea  also has a sleeping princess',  and then we were off looking for others. Together we decided that Snow White  was 'asleep' when she was under the wicked stepmother's spell and that the princess in The Frog Prince was supposed to sleep with the frog on her pillow. We could probably add The Twelve Dancing Princesses  too because the princesses make sure that their suitors 'sleep' while they go dancing.

The student then suggested that we should add some fairytales to our display of bed and sleep books so we did! I love it when the children make display decisions and tell us library staff what would be a good idea.

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