Tuesday, March 17, 2015

15th March Worm Day

I missed celebrating Worm Day in the library, but I might get to celebrate it next year so I am including it here. All the worm books from the library are in Year 1 classrooms because they are exploring their schoolyard and minibeasts. We have quite a number of books and some such as Elise Gravel's Worm and Doreen Cronin's Diary of a Worm are popular. Surprisingly there's even beginning chapter books featuring worms.

When I read what Worm Day is celebrating and why it was instigated, I'm not sure I would share any of that with students. Instead it is just a good excuse to read about worms, check out the school worm farm, play with the library's Lowly Worm toy,  and wonder why 'worms' go with 'book' to become 'bookworms'.

When you have read all these, check out this new book about twins Violet and Victor by  Alice Kuipers :

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