Tuesday, March 24, 2015

26th March Spinach Day

Spinach Day! Do we need a day to celebrate spinach? I don't think there would be too many children who thought so, and Popeye is no longer a cult hero with the children I teach. Yes, I know it is good for you!

There was only one book in the library with 'spinach' in the title -  Sylvia's Spinach. Here is the blurb from Book Depository, and I can't say it better. I'll put it on display and see if it is borrowed and if so by a child or a parent? Perhaps the teacher in charge of the school garden will be interested.

Sylvia Spivens hates spinach. "No spinach in my egg! No spinach in my soup! No spinach! Ever!" But one day Sylvia's teacher gives her a packet of spinach seeds to plant for a school garden. What to do? Overcoming her reluctance and enduring a long wait, Sylvia discovers the joy of growing food from the ground up and finds the pleasure of tasting something new. Parents will identify with the challenge of feeding healthy food to a picky eater, and educators will understand the magic and rewards of school gardens. Best of all, young readers will celebrate Sylvia's strong will, curiosity, and, maybe, her love of spinach.

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