Tuesday, March 23, 2010

27th March Dick King-Smith (1922)

Dick King-Smith is a prolific British author who is probably best known for his novel Sheep Pig which became the movie Babe and the book seems to have been renamed this too. Dick King-Smith makes an ideal author study because:
• he has written so many books that it is easy to locate enough books for a whole class.
• the range of reading abilities his novels cover mean there will be a book for every kind of reader, from the one who needs lots of scaffolding right up to the reader who is both a fluent and independent reader.
• he has a wonderful way with words. The vocabulary and turn of phrase allows for plenty of discussion and research.
• his books are humorous.
• his books have common themes and can be grouped using a variety of criteria.
• there is a number of children's biographies written about him.

My favourite books to serialise are:
The Hodgeheg
• Hairy Hezekiah
• Aristotle and
but there are so many more. See a full list.

My daughter still often mentions the year she went to the Book Week dress-up parade as The Invisible Dog and how the school librarian wasn't amused. She obviously hadn't read the book!

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