Thursday, March 25, 2010

28th March Byrd Baylor (1924) Julia Jarman (1946)

Today's two birthday girls are very different in their approach to writing for children. Byrd lives in Southern Arizona near the Mexican border and her books have a very strong sense of place. They depict her environment and it is clear that she loves the land and its unique qualities. My library only has two of her books, Everybody Needs a Rock and So You Are a Hunter of Fossils, both of which are sparingly illustrated by Peter Parnell because Year 1 do a unit of enquiry that looks at under the ground. These are perfect for this.

Julia Jarman on the other hand is British and her picture books have mischievous children as their main characters and are pure fun. Among her books that we have in the library Class Two at the Zoo, and Class Three at Sea illustrated by Lynne Chapman; Big Red Bath and Big Blue Train illustrated by Adrian Reynolds; and two readers, Tooth Fairy in Trouble and The Magic Backpack are extremely popular and regularly borrowed.

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