Monday, March 29, 2010

30th March Passover (Pesach)

"We call the festival Passover because the Israelites marked their houses with lamb's blood and the Angel of Death passed over them." These words come from Granny Sarah who is explaining why Jewish people celebrate Passover in Adele Geras' Rebecca's Passover. This book tells of how Rebecca and her brother Josh help their Granny Sarah to prepare for Passover. As they busy themselves Granny Sarah tells them of the significance of each special part of the celebration. The other two books pictured here, do a similar thing. Four Special Questions by Jonny Zucker is for a younger audience, but it too has an appendix explaining each of the specific Hebrew words used in the story. Rebecca's Passover and Norma Simon's The Story of Passover also include recipes. Each of these books gives enough detail for a non-Jewish child to understand what Passover is and why it is celebrated.

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