Monday, May 10, 2010

10th May

I know it is too late for Mothers Day this year, but I wanted to mention some books that are good for anything you are doing that is to do with mothers. Giles Andreae and Emma Dodds have just done I Love My Mummy, but if you are looking for books with 'more meat' and thus more to discuss and work with, the following are 'oldies' that are probably already in your library and work well.

With Year 2 I have had fun reading Pink Fluffy Slippers by Maureen Sherlock and The Mum-Minder by Jacqueline Wilson. These are humorous and multi-layered, and require synthesising and evaluative-type questioning where readers need to make considerable connections with the wider world to be truly enjoyed and appreciated.

Mary Ann Cusimano's You Are My I Love You is a beautiful picture book that lends itself to innovating on text so as to allow children to make their own reasons for why their mother is so special.

For very young children Morag Loh's books The Kinder Hat and Tucking Mummy In show very positive mother/child relationships where strong female children display admirable attributes such as confident decision-making and problem-solving skills.

And if you are a Rosemary Well's fan or Charlotte Zolotow fan, as I am, who needs an excuse to dig out Hazel's Amazing Mother or Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present.

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