Saturday, May 15, 2010

16th May Margret Rey (1906 - 1996) Diana Kidd (1933 - 2000) Caroline Arnold

Three birthdays! Firstly, Margret Rey who really needs no introduction. She is the co-author with her husband H.A.Rey of the wonderful Curious George books. Children love Curious George because he can do things that they would love to do for themselves. The best way to learn about this duo and their creation is by visiting the Curious George website.

Secondly, Australian author Diana Kidd. She was a teacher who spent time teaching migrants' children and she successfully turned these experiences into short novels such as The Day Grandmother Came to Stay and Onion Tears. Two others of her novels, The Fat and Juicy Place and Two Hands examine the difficulties that are faced by Aboriginal children who want to marry their ancient culture with the mainstream Australian society that they deal with on a daily basis.

And thirdly is American author and illustrator Caroline Arnold. In the library we have books such as African Animals which is written by Caroline and is illustrated with photographs also taken by her, but from looking at her website, in an unsuccessful endeavour to find her year of birth, I learned that she also has a large repertoire of illustrated books, most of which are also about animals.

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