Monday, May 3, 2010

4th May Don Wood (1945)

Don Wood is an American illustrator/author who is married to fellow children's author Audrey Wood. They met at University in California. Don started his career in illustration when he started illustrating books written by his wife. My favourite of their shared books is The Napping House because it is easy to have fun while reading it. There are so many synonyms for 'sleep', there is the change in colour and tempo with the awakening, and so much more to discuss. I was interested to read that the Woods live in the napping house, meaning that Don used their house as the model for the house in the book illustrations.

In 2008, Don completed a graphic novel, Into the Volcano, an adventure about two boys who visit the Kiluea volcano in Hawaii. There is a very interesting interview with him about the making of this book here. It made me want to rush out and look for it, even though only the oldest and better readers of my clientele would appreciate it.

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