Monday, May 3, 2010

5th May Leo Lionni (1910 - 1999)

Leo Lionni would be celebrating his centenary today. We should all be celebrating his wonderful talents by revisiting all of his beautiful books and doing our own collage. A couple of years ago the children in Year 1 and I made Lionni mice to decorate the library. I found the pattern on a website so I went looking for it again today and found that Random House had a website full of activities, filmstrips and interviews especially to commemorate the centenary. The website also implies that many of Lionni's books have been reissued so that means I can replace the ones that are old and well-read and I can buy some that we don't have such as Let's Make Rabbits and The Biggest House in the World. Lionni's animal fables are perfect for Circle Time. Each one has an important message for its readers, subtly making suggestions for how to live their own life. If you haven't read Frederick then you really must. Leo Lionni says that he is Frederick and you may well have a Frederick in your class!

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