Sunday, April 10, 2011

11th April April Pulley Sayre

I really like the girl's name April, but as my birthday is in April, I was pleased that my mother didn't choose it for my name. Then my daughter was born in April too so I didn't use it either. Because of this I was very surprised to see that author, April Pulley Sayre was born in April. Her mother was braver than me! I first took notice of April as an author when I purchased Vulture View. I bought it because I am a great fan of Steve Jenkins and feel a strong need to read all of his books and drool over his collages. Having read April's text and been impressed, I then started to look for other books by her and quickly realised that there were many more of her books in the library. They all seemed to be about nature or animals, even if they had narrative rather than expository text, so when I visited her website and researched her I was not surprised to read that April aims to 'share nature and word joy through playful and educational children's books'. Many of her books are non-fiction information books, done as part of a series such as Scholastic's Science Readers. Unusual counting book One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab which she wrote with her husband, Jeff Sayre would be the library's most borrowed of her titles. Kindergarten classes seem to always be borrowing it and given that Easter is coming up, her new book, If You're Hoppy is highly appropriate to read now!

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