Sunday, April 17, 2011

17th April Bat Appreciation Day

What a good excuse to get out all the books in the library that feature bats and put together a display! I'd start with Stellaluna by Janell Cannon and Bats at the Library (and its sequels) by Brian Lies because I have puppets to go with these. Then my favourite story to share with classes, Boris the Bat by Robert Dickins because the underlying themes in this book allow for the best discussions about what is appropriate behaviour and what is not. Of course there should be some non-fiction and the Usborne Beginners' Bats by Megan Cullis and the National Geographic Reader Bats by Elizabeth Carney are both excellent. Then to complete the display I would add:
Daft Bat by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross
Goodnight Baby Bat by Debi Gliori
Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies and Sarah Fox-Davies
The Bat and the Crocodile by Jack Dolumyu and Pamela Lofts
Oscar and the Bat by Geoff Waring

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  1. Since it's also Creativity and Innovation Week, such gorgeous picture books really do fit in!