Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18th April Barbara Reid (1957)

I have just read that it is Canadian author illustrator Barbara Reid's birthday and I didn't include her yesterday. Her plasticine art deserves an entry of its own! How she does it or has the patience is beyond me. When I try it with children they manage to make a brown gooey mess because they cannot keep the colours separated, but I do teach young children. When I have done it with adults the results are better, but still nowhere near what Barbara manages to achieve. You can watch Barbara at work making a plasticine picture in this video. There are easy projects to use plasticine with children on her website too. And if your library is an established one you may have her out of print book, Playing With Plasticine which also gives lots of tips. Even without the how-to book, her illustrations have plenty to marvel at.

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