Sunday, February 21, 2010

22nd February Michelle Knudsen (1974)

The library only has one title by Michelle Knudsen, the wonderful The Library Lion which I have already spoken about in relation to starting the year in the library with a new set of children, such as Kindergarten. It has so much scope for discussion of your library rules. The children love Miss Merriweather and the lion and I often have children draw a lion and write something that he says about the library. The children often comment too on the paleness of the illustrations. They think they are old fashioned so I go to great lengths to convince them libraries are not old-fashioned!

This week I covered and catalogued a new book called Chicken Cheeks. The illustrations are brightly coloured, humorous and cheeky! I was surprised to see that they were Kevin Hawkes' illustrations! So different from those in The Library Lion. He certainly is versatile. Back to Chicken Cheeks,you'll love it. How many words can you list for 'bottom' before you need a thesaurus? I doubt you will come up with as many as Michael Ian Black does here. Here there is an abundance of animals displaying their butts to the reader and each sitting on top of another. Each animal has a different word for their posterior, carefully chosen to rhyme, alliterate or just simply amuse. The book does have a plot though and rollicks along well right to the final pun on the back cover!

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