Friday, February 26, 2010

28th February Megan McDonald (1959)

I found several dates for Megan McDonald's birthday, some said 18th, some 28th and one even said 29th of February, but as 1959 was not a leap year I have discounted that one and opted for the 28th. Megan needs no introduction. She is the author of the ever so popular series of books about Judy Moody and now Judy's brother, Stink as well. They are very popular and always out of the library. Judy is in grade 3 and like Megan herself, (self-confessed) she is moody.

For fun in the library I like to share When the Library Lights Go Out which is illustrated by Katherine Tillotson. We make a list of predictions before reading and often the children feel their ideas are more exciting so I encourage them to use their ideas in their own writing. In Library Week, when we display books about libraries, this book is popular because of the concept and the fact that there are so many toys and puppets in the library.

All you want to know about Megan, except perhaps her actual birthdate, and her books can be found at www.meganmcdonald and

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  1. Delighted to see this blog post and the birthday wishes for Megan. (Happy Birthday MM!)

    (We are working on our fourth collaboration - a story about a dog, shoes and very poor impulse control.)

    Warmest regards,
    Katherine Tillotson