Thursday, February 25, 2010

27th February Florence Parry Heide (1919) Uri Shulevitz (1935)

For me both Heide and Shulevitz are 'one-book wonders', albeit very good one-book wonders. What I mean is I only know one of each of their books well. Everyone knows Florence Parry Heide's The Shrinking of Treehorn. It is a classic and I have used it with classes as old as Year 6. The concept is so universal and the class discussions are always very heated. Children always have very strong views about Treehorn's parents.

Uri Shulevitz I know less well and his books have not been prominent in Australia. I have seen and read How I Learned Geography and can see why it was made a Caldecott honour book, but it is not a book that I would get to use very often with my clientele who know very little about this kind of geography. Perhaps they should! If so, this would be helpful.

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