Saturday, February 27, 2010

29th February Mara Bergman(1956) Kim Michelle Toft (1960)

I know there isn't a 29th February this year, but these two were lucky enough to be born in a leap year and are too prolific and too good to miss.

Mara Bergman was born in the US but moved to London in 1983. As well as many other titles she is the author of three books about Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep. They are wonderful 'adventure' stories that all occur around sleep time. Nick Mallard's illustrations add to the fun and the rhythmic text. You have to see the reading picture in the first book Oliver Who Would Not Sleep. Wouldn't it make a great card for all your reading friends? In the second book, Oliver Who Was Small But Mighty, Oliver has given up his rocket and is off in a boat. By the third book, Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide he is on a train. Given that one title came out each year for the last three, can we safely predict there will be a fourth this year? What mode of transport will Oliver choose this time?

Kim Michelle Toft's books are reams away from Mara's. She is an Australian illustrator who specialises in silk painting of beautiful marine creatures in books that explore environmental themes. Her pictures highlight the amazing blueness of Australian tropical waters and often display a tranquil, idyllic marine environment that you would love to explore. Her website shows her books and how she does the amazing artwork.

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