Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November Hilary Knight (1926)

Another month gone! I have been keeping this blog for nine months now, and a bit like pregnancy, it is no longer fresh or as exciting. Some days I know it is little more than a list of books and not much extra, but it does still do what I set out to do, provide at least one book a day that you will find in a bookshop or library, that is worth reading and talking about.

Hilary Knight is best known as the illustrator of the Eloise books, a series of books written by Kay Thompson about six year old Eloise who lives in the Plaza Hotel in New York. The first story, Eloise was published in 1955 with minimal colour - black, white and pink! It was successful and other stories followed. Despite the fact that the original books are now old, and a product of their time, Eloise has experienced a resurrection in the Ready-To-Read books and many new stories about her, illustrated in the style of Hilary Knight have appeared and another whole group of young girls are now reading about Eloise. Hilary Knight did write and illustrate other books, but it is for Eloise that he is and will be remembered.

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