Thursday, November 25, 2010

26th November Sally Odgers (1957) Simon French (1957)

Sally Odgers is a prolific Australian author who writes for a large age range and on a wide variety of subjects. In my library she is popular because of her series Jack Russell:Dog Detective which she writes with her husband. In these a dog also named Jack Russell lives with his friend Sarge and together they solve mysteries. Her website says that she has a number of Jack Russell dogs so it is little surprise that she has chosen them as characters for books. She is also responsible for another series of books, Little Horrors, about bad fairies, which she writes as Tiffany Mandrake. The main characters in this series are based on traditional bad fairies, the sort present in literature and life before the Victorian era, but they also behave like and have a lot in common with girls around seven to eight, the audience who read them. This year Sally released a large picture/information book called Fantastic Creatures which is illustrated by Mark Salwowski and it is constantly being borrowed and at times almost fought over.

Simon French is also an Australian author. He started to write his first novel while he was still at high school and went on to write many more novels for young adolescents, but as a teacher of very young children he has also written picture books. Two that are set in a multicultural infants classroom are Guess the Baby and What Will You Be? Both are illustrated by Donna Rawlins.

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