Saturday, November 6, 2010

6th November Berlie Doherty (1943) Michelle Magorian (1947) Craig Smith (1955)

British author, Berlie Doherty writes for all ages, from picture books through short stories to novels, two of which have won the Carnegie Award. Here though I want to highlight several picture books that are perfect for the children in my library. A few days ago I walked into the bookshop where I do most of my shopping for school to find ten individual fairy tales by Berlie Doherty with illustrations by Jane Ray. They look stunning. Perusing them I realised I had seen them before and that they were from their anthology Fairy Tales. They are better this way for young children to borrow, carry home, and feel success at reading. Parents can borrow the collection, but I purchased the ten for the children. Two of her picture books that are also popular are The Magical Bicycle illustrated by Christian Birmingham and Jinny Ghost which is also illustrated by Jane Ray.

Michelle Magorian is also a British author and best known for her novels, but she too has some picture books, albeit not as many as Berlie. The one I use the most is Jump! a story, illustrated by Jan Ormerod about a boy who goes to ballet lessons with his sister and has to watch while he waits for her, when he really would rather be doing the dancing. he practises the moves and finally joins the classes. Given that the school I teach at, teaches ballet and boys attend classes I like to have books such as this to provide positive role models and address the boys who scoff.

Read tomorrow's entry for Craig Smith.

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