Thursday, November 4, 2010

5th November Divali Hindu Festival Jeanne Willis (1959)

I wrote about Divali on the 23rd October.

Jeanne Willis is a British author who has written so many good books it is hard to know which ones to single out. She has many titles that have been illustrated by Tony Ross and these are always good (See Susan Laughs; Tadpole's Promise; Dozy Mare; and Rude Rhino). More recently there have been her 'bottom' books (see Bottoms Up and Sing a Song of Bottoms!) which are illustrated by Adam Stower. These and Who's in the Loo? illustrated by Adrian Reynolds are always popular with six and seven year old boys. And the girls are enjoying the picture books and short chapter books about Delilah Darling. So far there are four books about her, all illustrated by Rosie Reeve.

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