Monday, November 22, 2010

23rd November Marc Simont (1915) Jeannette Rowe (1954) Anna Fienberg (1956)

Marc Simont was born in Paris to Spanish parents. His father was a painter and illustrator. Simont went to New York in 1935 to study art. He has illustrated nearly a hundred books, but is probably best known for his Caldecott Medal winning book A Tree is Nice and his illustrations for Marjorie Weiman Sharmat's Nate the Great series of books. My personal favourite of Simont's books is James Thurber's wonderful fairytale The Thirteen Clocks.

Jeannette Rowe is an Australian illustrator who is an infant and preschool phenomenon. She has three very popular series which are brightly coloured, have clear and simple text, good-quality paper and interesting formats. Her website tells you everything you need to know and the colour and layout gives you a lift too!

Anna Fienberg is also Australian but she is an author, the one who together with her mother is responsible for the Tashi stories which the children in my library cannot get enough of. They hang out for the next instalment and are constantly asking 'when'? Recently a complete compendium of Tashi stories was produced and children could be seen in the playground 'cuddling' their 'big fat book'. Of course she has written other things that are just as worth reading like the Minton books, Horrendo's Curse, Madeline the Mermaid and The Magnificent Nose and Other Marvels.

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