Wednesday, June 9, 2010

11th June Robert Munsch (1945) Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Although two of his books The Paperbag Princess and Love You Forever are well-known and widely read, I knew little about Robert Munsch. When my children were small a friend came back from Canada with a gift for them, four Robert Munsch books. At that time I had never heard of him or seen his books, but my friend knew I loved children's books and she said, "These are everywhere in Canada. He seems to be their most popular children's author." I now know that she was right. Robert Munsch is the best selling children's author in Canada. The books were popular bedtime read-alouds in our house and I subsequently bought some of his books for the library. Because of the age of the children I teach, losing teeth is a big issue, so the ideas in Andrew's Loose Tooth always make the children laugh.

Reading Robert's website I love the fact that he worked in Daycare for so long. There needs to be more males in Daycare and preschools! I also like the fact that he drops in unannounced on classes that have written to him when he is travelling in that area. What a thrill for those teachers and children!

It is also Laura Vaccaro Seeger's birthday. Like Munsch she was born in the USA, but she still lives there. While not as prolific, each of Laura's books is well known and available here. The first book that I purchased for the library was the award-winning First the Egg, but we have since got her Dog and Bear series (see the irresistible accompanying toys at her website) and Lemons Are Not Red.

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