Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st July Emily Arnold McCully (1939)

The only book of Emily Arnold McCully that I know is Mirette on the High Wire , the 1993 Caldecott Medal winner. It is set in 19th century Paris and tells the story of ten year old Mirette and Bellini, a famous, but jaded tightrope walker who comes to board at Mirette's mother's house. Mirette is eager to try walking on a rope as well. This story explores the themes of fear and bravery, and would make a good Circle Time book. It is also particularly good for the Mosaic of Thought comprehension strategies.
Text to Self connections- have you ever done a daredevil thing? What? Were you scared? Brave?
Text to Text connections - this story is similar to... It reminds me of the book... (eg. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordecai Gerstein which also has a French tightrope walker)
Text to the World connections - look at the French setting ... does the story need to be set in France? in the 19th century?

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