Friday, June 18, 2010

20th June David Cox (1933) World Refugee Day

David Cox is an Australian illustrator who also writes occasionally. Among his long list of books are the three Aussie Nibbles written by Patricia Wrightson that I wrote about yesterday. Among his picture books that are probably in your library are Shock Monday by Gillian Bradshaw , The Slumber Party by Margaret Wild, MillieStarts School by Jane Godwin and an old favourite Bossyboots set in Australia in the days of stagecoaches where a very bossy girl named Abigail saves the day.

Today is World Refugee Day and the whole week is Refugee Week so each day this
week I plan to highlight a book that deals with the topic of refugees. Firstly, Refugees by David Miller. This story tells the story of two ducks who become refugees when their home, a swamp is drained by heavy earth-moving machinery. They set off to find a new home and along the way meet with danger and resistance before they are captured and taken to a new home. This metaphor is beautifully illustrated with amazingly detailed paper sculptures. You need to see the fur on the dog illustration towards the end of the book. I cannot imagine how long it took to cut that paper. Very young children may not make the leap from ducks to people, but the concepts of fear, rejection, homelessness and 'caring interference' are recognised by them.

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