Saturday, June 26, 2010

28th June Dennis Haseley (1950)

There is only one book by Dennis Haseley in my library, A Story For Bear illustrated by Jim LaMarche. It is a fanciful, yet enjoyable story about a bear who is curious about a woman he sees reading by a house in the forest. He befriends her and listens attentively as she reads to him every day while she holidays in the house. The bear looks so happy and the story reads aloud in such a way that you can imagine the power of story to engross. For this reason I have used it at parent nights, reading it to the parents to show them the power of story and why they need to read aloud to their children. Just as the bear and the woman part, going their independent ways, stronger for having known each other and having had that close relationship, so will a parent and child who have had the pleasure of shared reading.

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