Thursday, June 17, 2010

18th June Pat Hutchins (1942)

Pat Hutchins' books have been on the bookshelves of children's libraries for forty years now. Rosie's Walk turned 40 last year and it is still a favourite. Children love the fact that Rosie is oblivious to the fox and all that happens around her. They love watching what happens to the fox each time he is about to pounce on Rosie. The humour, the brevity (only 32 words) and the elaborate pen and ink drawings made a perfect first book. Pat went on to make a lot of other picture books and novels and each has humour, patterns in either or both language and illustration and yet these never overpower the plot. Because of these patterns many of her books can be used as part of the maths program as well. The Doorbell Rang and Changes Changes are especially good for their maths concepts. Her series about Titch and Billy, The Very Worst Monster are excellent for any unit of work that looks at the family and point of view.

If you are looking for a read aloud to serialise for young children Follow that Bus has never failed me. It is about a class excursion to a farm that is hijacked by some bankrobbers. The classes I have read it to think it is hilarious.

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