Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15th December Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000)

Hundertwasser (Friedrich Stowasser) was an Austrian painter and architect. I first fell in love with his work when I bought a New Zealand Conservation Week poster over thirty years ago. I then went in search of more of his work and since then have bought a calendar nearly every year so that I can have a lot of Hundertwasser in my life. His work always involves bold, vivid and vibrant colour that often appears confrontational because of the black backgrounds. He had strong opinions on everything, strived for ecological harmony and lived by his words "the colourful, the abundant, the manifold, is always better than mediocre grey and uniformity."

Children and teachers can get to know Hundertwasser by reading these two books:
* Harvesting Dreams: Hundertwasser for Kids by Barbara Stieff
* A Journey in the World of Fantasy with Hundertwasser
This book is one from the series of Prestel My Painting Book, but it is far more than a colouring in book. It gives information about his motifs and asks children to do their own.

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