Tuesday, December 28, 2010

29th December Molly Bang (1943)

Molly Bang is an American illustrator. I first met her work in The Paper Crane, a story based on a folk tale, but with so much to talk about. Aidan Chamber's Tell Me Framework questions work well with it and the children always have lots of puzzles. More recently though, I have discovered her picture books about science concepts and have incorporated some of them into class units of work. Molly says on her website that "In the past 10 or 15 years, I have become more concerned about American children's lack of knowledge about even the most basic scientific principles, and I've written four books about science in an attempt to help change this." She goes on to say that sales of these books have been dismal. Such a shame as they are cheap, have beautifully bright illustrations on glossy paper and just the right amount of text. In my library we have My Light and Living Sunlight, but there are others too.We also have a set of beginning readers about a rat that are written by Molly's daughter, Monika Bang-Campbell and illustrated by Molly. There are three, Little Rat Sets Sail; Little Rat Rides and Little Makes Music.

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