Sunday, December 26, 2010

28th December

American Diane Stanley writes in a variety of genre, many I have not seen. In Australia I have seen her biographies and fairytales, but from her magnificent website I now know there is more for me to explore. Her biographies of Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare are well-read in my library, but there are others, such as those about Michaelangelo and Cleopatra. Her fairytale spinoffs are humorous and thought-provoking for children who have begun to question stereotypes.

Australian author, David Metzenthen writes novels which are often adventure stories in a rural setting. Many of them are for readers older than my clientele, but because he has titles in the Aussie Bites and Aussie Nibbles my students have read him, recognise his name and will go on to read him in primary school. His Fort Island which is one of the Aussie Nibbles series is particularly good for a reader's circle discussion about risktaking. He also has a picture book The Rainbirds .

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