Sunday, December 26, 2010

26th December Maurice Saxby (1924)

Maurice Saxby, the doyen of Australian children's literature is celebrating his birthday today! He has taught and influenced a myriad of Australian teachers and written at length about children's literature for many years. In fact he is the reason I am so passionate about it. If Maurice Saxby writes a positive review or waxes lyrical about a book you know to go and buy it.

He has written the History of Australian Children's Literature, a multivolume tome which charts Australian children's books from their beginning to recent times. He has written for teachers, books such as Give Them Wings, exhorting teachers to read and teach using children's literature and he has written for children as well, books such the picture book, Russell and the Star Shell and the collections of myths and legends from Western civilisation, The Great Deeds of Superheroes and its partner, The Great Deeds of Heroic Women. These two books are illustrated by Robert Ingpen to make them doubly inspiring.

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