Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7th December Anne Fine (1947)

Anne Fine is a British author who writes for a large age range, producing picture books, bridging novels, adolescent novels and even books for adults. Her stories engage readers quickly and I am always reluctant to stop reading her books. On her website she explains why this is ...

"A lot of my work, even for fairly young readers, raises quite serious social issues. I believe that many personal decisions have a social or political resonance, and the way people try to pick their way through tricky family situations interests me. But people won't (and shouldn't) read books that don't hold their interest, and I still adore funny books. So since I write for the reader inside myself, I always end up with the kind of book I would have loved to read (if only someone else had bothered to write for me)."

I love Bill's New Frock (Bill's mother makes him wear a dress to school and experience a girl's perspective on life!) and her Diary of a Killer Cat books. Tuffy the killer cat, who narrates this series makes the reader laugh out loud as he describes everything from a cat's point of view. Recently I purchased the latest (No 5) in this series, The Killer Cat's Christmas, but unfortunately ran out of time to read it before school finished. I'll be better organised next year!

Anne Fine was the second Children's Laureate, has won many awards and seen many of her books become movies (Mrs Doubtfire) or television series (Google Eyes), but no matter what you pick up that she has written you know it will be a success and a wonderful read.

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