Saturday, January 8, 2011

10th January Kate Walker (1950)

Kate Walker is an Australian children's author. She writes in a variety of genres and for a wide age group. For my clientele three of her picture books fit in to units of work. Our Excursion (illustrated by David Cox) is always a good introduction to the concept of excursions and recounting. Marty Moves to the Country (illustrated by Bruce Treloar) makes for a good activity when comparing country living with city living and The Frog Who Would Be King (illustrated by David Cox) is a modern fairytale with a twist on the The Frog Princess. Unfortunately none of these books are new, so it will mean searching in another library if they are not in yours. She has also written bridging novels such as Sticky Stuff and Elephant's Lunch which are part of the Solo series of beginning readers and non fiction for Macmillan.

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