Friday, January 28, 2011

31st January Gerald McDermott (1941) Denise Fleming (1950)

The birthday display today for the first day of borrowing was certainly colourful. American author illustrator Gerald McDermott's 'stylised figures and abstract motifs combine ancient imagery with contemporary design' as he retells many of the myths and folktales in a way that allows children to ascertain good from evil and examine recurring motifs such as 'the trickster'. If you have time and an interest there is a very interesting video about mythology and McDermott's approach to it here.

Denise Fleming is also American and her books also enthuse with colour, but her approach is different. Firstly, her books are ideal for a younger age group because they have simpler stories and require less background context. She uses a technique known as pulp painting though, which makes for beautifully textured paper collage. She explains her technique on her website. In fact I found the whole of her website fascinating. She is a very talented lady and it is such a pity Australia isn't on her list of visits.

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