Thursday, January 6, 2011

9th January

Continuing yesterday's Summer theme, I thought today I would make some suggestions for Australian books about the beach and holidays at the beach. Of course, there is Alison Lester's Magic Beach with its irresistible illustrations that make you want to be swimming in those waves too. Next, another oldie, but goodie, Greetings From Sandy Beach by Bob Graham. Every Australian family that has ever been camping, had someone be sick in the car or met bikies will relate well to this and if they haven't it is still a good laugh. Thirdly, Tim Winton's The Deep, a family story about the youngest child being brave enough to swim in deep water by herself. Roland Harvey's At the Beach with its postcards home to the grandparents telling all about the children's holiday at Crabby Spit. Australia at the Beach by Max Fatchen should be on this list too, but I want to feature it on Australia Day because it is about the archetypal beach celebration for commemorating this Australian holiday. And lastly, a chapter book which is also about the beach and camping, Skating on Sand by Libby Gleeson. This is the story of Hannah, the younger sister of twin older sisters who give her a hard time about skating, but Hannah's perseverance and obstinacy pays off.


  1. Here in New York it is cold, cold, cold. In my opinion, the perfect time to read books about summer! I think I have these first two books in the back of the closet. Thanks for the reminder to dig them out!

  2. I have only been to New York once and it was so HOT!! My daughter was there this time last year in the cold and loved it and hates the weather here at the moment. I guess we always want to be somewhere else.