Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20th January Tedd Arnold (1949)

American author illustrator Tedd Arnold has a very high profile in the library because no one can resist Fly Guy. He is very popular and in fact for many boys they are the books that really turn them onto reading or convince them that they can in fact read independently. We have a Fly Guy toy that is always going home and not enough of the books because the box is always empty! I have just looked at Tedd Arnold's website though and found that he has two new books that we don't yet have, Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl! and Buzz Boy and Fly Guy. Hopefully they will be on Book Club this year. There is a great poster about Fly Guy and reading that you can download from the website too. Of course Arnold has other picture books such as the series about Huggly, a loveable monster and another series Parts, that starts with a boy who is falling apart and losing body parts, but I must say I didn't twig to these until after I had discovered Fly Guy.

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  1. The Fly Guy early readers are so on target for beginning readers. The story is simple yet engaging and they are so funny. I didn't know about Arnold's picture books. I'll have to check them out.