Monday, January 17, 2011

19th January Pat Mora (1942) Nina Bawden (1925)

Today is American author Pat Mora's birthday. What a special person she is! In 1996 she instigated Dia, an initiative committed to linking children to books, languages and cultures. In particular she was committed to Latinos and Spanish speaking people in America, but over the subsequent fifteen years the initiative has grown and now Children's Day/Book Day is celebrated on 30th April every year. A special book, Book Fiesta highlights this occasion.

P.S. Today is also British author, Nina Bawden's birthday. I love her novels, especially when they are set during World War II when children were evacuated to the country as they are in Carrie's War and Saving Henry. Sadly none of her books are suitable for my clientele though, so I shouldn't be recommending them. They are good reads for avid primary-school-aged readers.

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