Monday, January 3, 2011

4th January Jacob Grimm (1785 - 1863)

It is the famous German philologist and folklorist, Jacob Grimm's birthday. He is half of the Brothers Grimm who are responsible for collecting fairytales together and publishing Grimm's Fairy Tales. I have written about him and his brother, Wilhelm on 24th February, which is Wilhelm's birthday and I said there which anthologies of Grimm I prefer. There I also said that I wanted more Grimm versions of Cinderella and since I wrote that, Berlie Doherty's wonderful fairytale anthology has been reissued as individual tales in picture book editions illustrated by Jane Ray and the Cinderella is a Grimm version. It is perfect for my clientele. I have also found some websites that are good places to explore Grimm's fairytales: 1. The National Geographic Grimm and 2. Kids Fun Canada's Grimm Fairytales.

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