Thursday, January 13, 2011

16th January Kate McMullan (1947)

I knew very little about American author Kate McMullan other than that she was the author of a popular book in the library called I'm Dirty. This book written in the first person is about a backhoe and it seems to appeal to young male readers. It is illustrated by Kate's husband Jim McMullan. While looking in the catalogue to see if we had any other books by Kate or Jim, I found a couple of easy readers about Fluffy, the Classroom Guinea Pig and I Stink! Looking at Kate's website it seems that there are four first person books by the husband and wife team. I need to purchase I'm Mighty and I'm Bad. Hopefully they will appeal in the same way. She has also written other series of books that at this time are unknown to me. Her series on myths sound like something my Year 2 would enjoy though.

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  1. Your blog sounds like it is a great way to discover new authors as well as tried an true. What a great way to become familiar with books that you can then recommend to children.
    I enjoy reading about the different authors. Some are not familiar to me and I wouldn't have known about them otherwise.