Friday, September 10, 2010

10th September Babette Cole (1949)

British author/illustrator Babette Cole often manages to be controversial. Her humour does not enthuse everyone. Every book and website I looked at said that Babette was born in 1949, but her website biography says she was born in 1950. She has written over 70 books and sold millions of copies. She says that her book Mummy Laid an Egg is her most famous and it has sold a million copies, however every time an adult speaks to me about Babette Cole they tell me their view of 'that' book. They can love the rudeness of Dr Dog and yet be appalled by the skateboard scene in Mummy Laid an Egg. At least parents seem to know who Babette Cole is! The children like the Trouble With... series and the four descriptive titles; The Smelly Book; The Slimy Book; The Hairy Book and The Silly Book; and all the Princess Smartypants books. This year Babette has ventured into chapter books with her Fetlocks Hall series which combine her love of horses, fairytales and humour.

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