Friday, September 17, 2010

19th September Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day can be lots of fun and an easy day to organise for some kind of event in a school setting. This year we are keeping it low key with just a display in the library. We have so many pirate stories, but many of them are on loan to one of the preschool classes, some such as Captain Pugwash have been the focus of displays before, so this time we focussed more on the three Pirate Pete picture books by the brother and sister team of Kim and Doug Kennedy and the chapter books. There are so many series which have a pirate theme - there is
Pirate Princess by Judy Brown. There are four in this series, Pandora, Portia, Pancake and Poppy.
• Captain Clawbeak by Ann Morgan. There are three of these - Red Herring; Ghostly Galleon and One and Only.
• Dragon Blood Pirates by Dan Jerris. There are 18 books about the adventures of Al and Owen.
• Brother and sister Billy and Heidi encounter pirates in Pirates Eat Porridge and Pirates Drive Buses by Christopher Morgan.
Scratch Kitten by Jessica Green. There are about six titles now, but perhaps the most appropriate here is Scratch Kitten on the Pirate's Shoulder.

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