Thursday, September 9, 2010

9th September Aileen Fisher (1907 - 2002)

Aileen Fisher is an American poet who wrote for children. She drew inspiration from nature, the seasons, and the myriad of celebrations children enjoy. By today's standard many of her poems appear simplistic and sentimental, but as is the case with all writing, it needs to be studied in the context of its time and audience. I particularly like The Story Goes On, (a fitting title for a woman who lived until she was 96) a poem about the ongoing cycle of life and food chains. There is a beautifully illustrated picture book version by Mique Moriuchi. This poem includes a hunter shooting a hawk, which may have been common in the USA at a certain time, but it horrifies Australian city school children that this could happen.

"Ideas for poems lie all around us…In the city as well as in the country, poems are waiting to be discovered. Who knows…perhaps you are living a poem right now which some day you will put down on paper."

-Aileen Fisher

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